We want to know how you are different!

Please read through the questionnaire completely before answering as some of the questions are similar.  I am hoping to get a clear and focused view of what your needs are so that I can provide you with the best service and support.

I will spend likely an hour or more on this review, and several additional hours preparing for our time together.  We will have a follow up discussion after this to work out logistics and finalize the seminar goals.

Thank you for your candor and time to complete this questionnaire.

Please check all that apply.

The more detailed you can be here, the more we can properly customize our coaching for you.

For example: Trello, Visual Studio Team Services, Basecamp, Jira, Monday.com, Evernote, Outlook, Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Sheets), Office 365, various "to do" apps, a paper notebook, etc. Please be specific.

Does this group work separately or on the same projects? How well do they work together? Is morale high, low or mixed? How long have the members been with the group? Is this seminar one the group has asked for themselves?

Please provide details about what you are interested in achieving with me.