Rick Corcoran Testimonial

I contacted Drew because I needed help refining my To Do List strategy. I already had a decent process but I wasn’t consistent enough. I used a combination of my inbox (boo!), Apple Reminders, my calendar, and lists. I am pretty organized and have a good knack for GTD so I wasn’t missing much, but I was stressed out and always worrying that I could do better. Drew is an expert at GTD and he knows about most of the platforms and apps.

But he didn’t jump to conclusions. First, he took the time to listen to what I was trying to accomplish and to what I was doing already and what I liked and disliked. He also got me to think more broadly— beyond just “To Do List” and more holistically about how I wanted to work and get things done in my life and work.  He then gave some feedback and helped me refine my processes and narrow down my tech choices to a few that were most likely to work. I ultimately standardized on Apple Reminders integrated with BusyCal for Mac and iOS. It’s not perfect but it maximizes a few things that are important to me. I am still not perfect, but I am much better than I was. I would not have gotten over the hump without Drew. And even now we touch base a couple times a year just to compare notes and ideas.

I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to up their GTD game.

Rick Corcoran Jr.
Slate Capital Group