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US Masters

Olympic Sized Goal Setting

As I write this post, it is approaching New Year’s, and like many if not most people, I do some scheduled reflection at this time of the year. I learned about goals and the systems one needs for achieving them through training for the Olympic sport known as sprint canoe.…

Daily Standups

Agile development groups have what is called a daily scrum, a short meeting often done daily and while standing – a “standup” meeting. It’s meant to be a quick checkin for the team with discussion topics kept at a very high level. People gather in a central area and stand…

@ Oh-Dark-Thirty

I get texts from my cycling mates who join me early on Tuesday and Thursdays often with the phrase, “See you @ Oh-Dark-Thirty.”    I’ve been getting up early to do a workout for practically as long as I can remember.   I’ve been doing so at least since I was…