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Part-Time Work Lessons

On September 16, 2019, I changed from full-time to part-time work at Patagonia. I essentially have a three day work week at Patagonia, and long four day weekends. This has allowed me to do my coaching and consulting work with Agile Time Coach, and to spend the time I need…

Productivity & Covid-19

I am certain everyone’s productivity is different during this Covid-19 pandemic than what it was prior to it. Perhaps you now have more time to work on home projects and are trying to keep your mind occupied and you feel hyper productive. Or maybe you can’t focus on anything for…

When Less is More

Those that have worked with me at Patagonia over the last five years or so have heard me announce a countdown of days until I reach my retirement date (or at least the date I plan to go part-time). I have long been planning for this important time when I…

Defining Risk

What comes to mind when you think of the biggest risks you’ve ever taken? Did you come to regret taking any of them? When I consider these questions, there have been very few, if any, downsides to the risks that come to mind. Perhaps this says I’m not much of…

Making eMail Work for You

Email is often the overwhelming part of people’s daily work life; there’s too much email, it’s disruptive, and overwhelming. For many, there’s an urge to switch to other communication methods, such as Slack, or texting, simply because their email has become so unmanageable. I am not in that camp –…