Making eMail Work for You

Email is often the overwhelming part of people’s daily work life; there’s too much email, it’s disruptive, and overwhelming. For many, there’s an urge to switch to other communication methods, such as Slack, or texting, simply because their email has become so unmanageable. I am not in that camp – I can manage my email Read more about Making eMail Work for You[…]

Olympic Sized Goal Setting

As I write this post, it is approaching New Year’s, and like many if not most people, I do some scheduled reflection at this time of the year. I learned about goals and the systems one needs for achieving them through training for the Olympic sport known as sprint canoe. While I never made the Read more about Olympic Sized Goal Setting[…]

Seeking Meaning – How to Define “Work-Life Balance”

There are a handful of books that I have read that I think are not just important and impactful but truly life changing. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is perhaps the best example of such a book.  If you haven’t yet read this book, Frankl writes about his experiences and survival of four different Read more about Seeking Meaning – How to Define “Work-Life Balance”[…]