Knowing Your Type: Goals, Relationships, or Big Ideas

Many years ago I was on a leadership committee where we took a self-assessment quiz to examine which of three different personality traits we might favor. T Relationship seeking, Goal oriented, and “Big Idea” oriented. Everyone tended to have one of these traits dominate more than the other two. When we revealed our quiz scores Read more about Knowing Your Type: Goals, Relationships, or Big Ideas[…]

Denmark Regatta, 1979

Olympic Sized Goal Setting

As I write this post, it is approaching New Year’s, and like many if not most people, I do some scheduled reflection at this time of the year. I learned about goals and the systems one needs for achieving them through training for the Olympic sport known as sprint canoe. While I never made the Read more about Olympic Sized Goal Setting[…]

Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

“So, about that “new” job of yours…”

If you’re older and have had a few jobs, perhaps this post will not be as meaningful to you.  Or, perhaps it will help you see how you can mentor those with less experience. I believe it takes at least a year to truly learn your “new” job.    I’ve had this view validate by several other Read more about “So, about that “new” job of yours…”[…]