We want to know how you are different!

Please read through the questionnaire completely before answering as some of the questions are similar.  I am hoping to get a clear and focused view of what your needs are so that I can provide you with the best service and support.

I will spend likely an hour (or more) reviewing your answers as part of the preparation for our first coaching session.  Please note, I keep your answers confidential, even if this will be paid for by your employer.    

Thank you for your candor and time to complete this questionnaire.

Please include to what degree, if any, you feel you have control over the work environment, too.

For example: Evernote, Outlook, Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Sheets), Pocket, Instapaper, Office 365, various "to do" apps, a paper notebook, etc. Do you use a smartphone? What apps do you use on it? Is there a tool for project management? Multiple tools?

Is the organization open to change? Do you have delegated teams or are you a "loose matrix" and shared resource kind of group? What puts sand in the work flow?

Do you get up early? Do you eat breakfast at home or work? Do you eat at your desk? Are you able to exercise regularly? How long do you get for lunch and do you take a regular break during the day? What is your off time like -- are you truly "off"? Please give me the full picture of what might be a normal day.

Please provide details about what you are interested in achieving -- and dream big!