Get a Free Education Delivered to Your eMail Inbox

I like to read and learn.  Education and learning new things are really baked into my DNA.  When I’m relaxed and able to do anything I would like to do, you’ll likely find me reading.  With the Internet, there are now more options for getting a free education, too. You can get a steady stream Read more about Get a Free Education Delivered to Your eMail Inbox[…]

Efficient Staff Meetings – Pick Two

The title of this post is a phrase I have in my Skype’s “mood message” — the simple quote shown to others next to your online status in Skype.  It’s not that I hate or even dislike meetings.  I just really hate inefficient ones and find that many people do not know how to properly Read more about Efficient Staff Meetings – Pick Two[…]

How ADD Led to My Adoption of Agile

Frustration was my path to adopting Agile.  Many years ago, I had a coworker that was, shall we say, extremely challenging.  Let’s call him Mr. X for the purpose of this post. He was a very bright developer, with a large ego, poor communication skills, and no discipline to what was a priority.  I was Read more about How ADD Led to My Adoption of Agile[…]

“So, about that “new” job of yours…”

If you’re older and have had a few jobs, perhaps this post will not be as meaningful to you.  Or, perhaps it will help you see how you can mentor those with less experience. I believe it takes at least a year to truly learn your “new” job.    I’ve had this view validate by several other Read more about “So, about that “new” job of yours…”[…]

Seeking Meaning – How to Define “Work-Life Balance”

There are a handful of books that I have read that I think are not just important and impactful but truly life changing.  Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is perhaps the best example of such a book.  If you haven’t yet read this book, Frankl writes about his experiences and survival of four Read more about Seeking Meaning – How to Define “Work-Life Balance”[…]

Matt Vandevert Testimonial

Think of your favorite high school teacher or coach. Now think of your brightest co-worker. This is Drew. He and I worked together at Patagonia for a decade, and in that time I attended classes Drew taught and collaborated with him on projects. His life and ideas are inspiring and challenging. Whether or not you share Drew’s view on a topic, he Read more about Matt Vandevert Testimonial[…]